The most common types of interpreting include:

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting means interpreting from while language to another while the speaker is still speaking. Used for the fist time on large scale during the Nuremberg Trials 1945 – 1949, simultaneous interpreting evolved to a crucial type of interpreting. It involves two or three interpreters sitting in soundproof booths and interpreting in turn. This mode of interpretation is suitable for conferences and events with some participants who need an interpretation in a foreign language. My language pair for simultaneous interpreting:
German ↔ Polish

Whispered Interpreting (Chuchotage)
Whispered interpreting (chuchotage) means interpreting simultaneously through whispering into the ear of the one or maximum two persons who require interpreting services, e.g. for two conference participants who do not speak the language of the conference. With the use of a sound transmission system (headsets, microphone), whispered interpreting is also suitable for larger groups during shorter events, such as city or plant tours. My language pairs for whispered interpreting:
German ↔ Polish
English ↔ Polish

Consecutive Interpreting
When interpreting consecutively, the interpreter renders spoken texts in fragments during pauses made by the speaker. The interpreter takes notes with the use of a special note-taking technique. As opposed to simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting requires more time. Thus, this interpretation mode is suitable for not very large groups, e.g. during negotiations, business talks, or presentations. My language pairs for:
German ↔ Polish
English ↔ Polish

Court Interpreting
Court interpreting requires a sworn interpreter. The interpretation takes place in courts when a party to the proceedings does not speak the court’s language. Usually consecutive interpreting and whispered interpreting are applied. My language pairs for court interpreting:
German ↔ Polish (sworn interpreter for the Polish language in Germany; sworn interpreter for the German language in Poland)
English ↔ Polish (sworn interpreter for the English language in Poland)

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