“What are your prices?”

My services are tailored to your needs and thus calculated on an individual basis. The pricing structure is determined by the following factors:
Prices for translating services depend, among others, on the area of expertise, complexity, deadline and document format. They are based either on the number of the standards lines (1 line = 55 characters including spacing) or on the number of words. A different pricing mode is possible upon request.

Translation of some standard Polish and German certificates (e.g. birth, marriage or death certificates) allows applying flat rates. You can inquire about them by contacting me via phone or email. Contact

Prices for interpreting services vary depending on the type of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage etc.), the area of expertise, the necessary preparation time, as well as, if applicable, the travel and accommodation expenses. The prices are calculated on an hourly, full-day or half-day basis.

Prices for intercultural trainings and intercultural consulting are calculated on a case-by-case basis after conduction of a needs assessment.

Please try to specify as many details about the service you need as possible (language pair, deadline, subject, volume, purpose). In case of translations, please attach the original text to your message. Contact