okularyTranslating ist rendering a written text from one language into other language. However, translating is not about a literal word-for-word translation, but taking into account all necessary linguistic, cultural and field-specific nuances. As a professional and experienced translator of Polish, German and English I will be happy to provide you with my legal, economic or technical translation services. My language pairs for translating:
German ↔ Polish (sworn translator für the Polish language in Germany; sworn translator for the German language in Poland)
Polish ↔ English (sworn translator for the English language in Poland)

My areas of expertise include:

  • law (e.g. criminal law, civil law, contracts, various documents)
  • economy (e.g. financial statements, marketing)
  • technology (e.g. manufacturing technology, medical technology)
  • humanities (e.g. history, religion, education)

Being a sworn translator of Polish, German and English, both in Germany and Poland, I offer sworn and certified translations of various documents, certificates, contracts etc.

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Other services of Transling: Interpreting i Intercultural communication.